By contributing $15 to the APATHY INTERNATIONAL FUND you can help support apathy from the comfort of your own home without investing any time, effort, or thought. It's easy. Simply e-mail your name, credit card number, and your mother's maiden name to

With each donation of $15.00 you will receive nothing.

No brochures. No monthly magazine or little pins that say 'I Don't Care.' Not even a reply saying Thanks.

Unlike other organizations that vie for your sympathy, APATHY INTERNATIONAL makes no pretense of engaging your compassion. We know you don't care. We only want your money.

In lieu of any tangible evidence that you are a member of APATHY INTERNATIONAL, you will receive the satisfaction of knowing your contribution will help replenish the fuel that makes APATHY INTERNATIONAL possible. Namely, beer money.

So send us your checks, your money orders, your education bonds, and save up to $500.00.


Sierra Club $30.00
Cancer Society $45.00
NRA $115.00
Green Peace $4.20
Homeless Relief Fund $45.00
UNICEF $19.95
Total $528.16
Total $15.00


Total Savings: $513.16


Act now.

Or don't. We don't care.